Kermode Bears-Spirit Bear Picture and Spirit Bear Facts

The special sub-species of black bear is also known as “spirit bear”, “white bear”, or “Moksgm’ol”, the revered subject of local Kitasoo native legend. The kermode is found only on a few coastal islands, including Princess Royal Island, and in three west-central Canadian valleys in British Columbia: the Nass, Skeena and Kispiox.

The kermode’s white color is probably controlled by a recessive gene. when the recessive gene exerts itself, the Kermode, the bears show the white color phase, just as a cinnamon- or brown-phased black bear would. It is believed that the isolated pocket of kermodes serve as a random genetic mutation; about one in ten here is white.

The normally all-wwhite or cream-colored bear can also appear as a white/black mixture, but very rarely. Early explorers once thought the kermode was an albino, but these bears do not have pink eyes; they have brown eyes and black noses.

The bears got their name from Francis Kermode, a former director of the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, B.C.

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